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So I have moved to New Zealand! This is crazy!! Sitting in a hostel in Auckland writing this but wont be here for long. We have already decided to leave for Rotorua on Friday and go WWOOFing (willing workers on organic farms) Don't get me wrong, Auckland is a nice city, but we didn't come here to NZ to live big city life exactly. 
These last few days has been soooo busy. We have been to the worknholiday office and they are really great over there, we can use them for everything from fixing papers for the bank or tax numbers to getting help finding the way to the museum and of course finding jobs. Would have been soo much more difficult without them! There really is a lot to fix! But we have done some fun things too like going up on top of the highest volcano in town ( there are a lot of them around here!) Mount Eden. Its got a great view of town and the surrounding islands. And you do sort of get the feeling that any minute now a hobbit will pop out of the ground ;)
Photos are out on Facebook, check them out! Network connection is a bit slow here unfortunately so cant uploads them here.
Miss everyone back home! Älskar er! Så hörs vi snart! Kram och godnatt! 
Hugs and good night!


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